Buy 1 concealer get 2 free with code CONCEALER

Buy 1 concealer get 2 free with code CONCEALER

Customer Reviews

"My new go-to product! It’s very buildable and brightens the under eyes nicely. It’s not greasy and doesn’t make me break out."

- Javari

"I bought this for myself and my 14-year-old daughter. We both really like it. The packaging with the blending tip at the end is a bonus. It blends smoothly. Will definitely buy again."

- Robin

"I use the concealer like a crayon and draw lines under my eyes. It is like an eraser! I’m watching the dark circles disappear like magic with every line I draw. It stays put all day, I will definitely start saving up now for when I run out."

- Layla Moore

"This concealer is really nice to work with ! The color matches are very great and true to what they say ! So no problem with matching to my skin! It looks very pretty and is quite natural looking but was also easy to build up for a bit more coverage! It starts out a little more on the stiff side but once it warms up it really glides onto the skin very nicely !!"

- Timothy

"This is my perfect concealer. Fair neutral is exactly my skin color as well. It has been difficult for me to find a formula and color that works for me. I stopped looking cause this is the only one I need."

- Shellinagins

"I tried this company because of the sale they were having and they jad great reviews. When I received the products one of the colors I did not match well with my complexion. I sent an email to customer service, 10 mins later I had a responds and was told they would mail me out the correct color. I received my package in 2 days. I thank you very much for your great service, excellent product. You can count on my continued support."

- Oneida

"I recently tried the sample.of concealers.i am African American who suffer from acne breakouts. Apart from finding the perfect concealer for my scarring , I havent broken once. It laid on smooth and I said try it, you'll love it!"

- Nadene

"I am all for efficiency, less clutter, and the minimalist way, so naturally I loved the idea of a dual ended lipstick and gloss! The lipstick is so creamy, applies like velvet, super smooth, and it doesn't dry out your lips! Sometimes I'll seal it in with the gloss and it's perfect! My favorite shade is Bare All and I wish I could share a picture with my review because it's THE perfect color that goes with everything!"

- Lyndsey

"Wasn't sure I would like the concept of having both a matte lipstick n liquid lip color in one. Not only does it give me both a matte n shine in one (long lasting color). I don't have to carry separate lipstick n lip gloss, having both in one is convenient n great. I highly recommend Lip Duo n will be purchasing more as gifts."

- LynNette

"You can tell they use quality ingredients in the lip stick because the color lasts ALL DAY - even without the gloss over it - through eating, drinking, everything. It loses a little of the intensity, sure, but doesn't necessarily need to be reapplied unless you just want that extra pop. Definitely worth the buy."

- Ebony

"I absolutely love my PYT duos. I always have at least one color on me at all times. The gloss has a great amount of color that it can easily be worn alone. Rumor is a great daily color. Will definitely reorder!"

- Kaylee

"This lip duo is so easy to wear. Most of the time I use the gold, if I want a little more depth I use the lipstick and touch up with gloss. The texture is really smooth, it goes on evenly. No funky taste. It' not food or kiss proof but otherwise it only needs touching up after a few hours. Will buy again!"

- Maya

"Absolutely incredible. Beautiful colors and they look amazing on the lips - not overly shiny! The plumping power also feels soo good on. This has turned into my go to gloss!"

- Anna

"Unlike other lip plumpers that Ive tried this one does NOT tingle! Gives your lips a nice glossy look that does not get sticky. Can wear over lip stick or chapstick without issue. Did not leave my lips feeling dry the next day. Added a nice volume to my lips and I love the sparkles! Definitely going to buy again!"

- Helen

"I absolutely love it. Its comfortable, it feels nourishing, it looks gorgeous and I feel confident wearing it because of the ingredients. It is not a very powerful lip plumper, it is a light peppermint type of feel. This has quickly become a favorite of mine. I am obsessed with gloss and love this one."

- Laura Torres

"I love the glossy clear plumping lip gloss. I use it everyday and it keeps my lips glistening for hours. It has the best smell and taste....pepperminty! And, it has the perfect texture...not too thick and not too oily. Definitely try it!"

- Robin L.

"I am beyond obsessed with this plumping glitter gloss in the shade horoscope! It feels pretty smooth and glides onto my lips really easily ! You get a good amount of glitter in each swipe and it’s very pretty and very 90’s ! The plumping effect is very nice , it doesn’t sting or do anything crazy , it just adds a little something ! I would definitely check out these new full-filled lip glosses!"

- Timothy

"I have sensitive lips and this stuff is great. Ive tried other lip plumpers and this gives me more of a subtle tingling feeling which isnt as intense. I have really dry lips that tend to peel so usually lip gloss looks weird on me but this is a great color and is very moisturizing."

- Calvin Davis

"I’ve been searching for an affordable highlighter that gives me a natural, dewy glow and I’ve finally found it! This highlight is absolutely gorgeous and it blends beautifully! I swear I’ve never been more impressed with a product before and I highly recommend this to everyone!"

- Hayley

"This is a fabulous highlighter ! I have the shade court-side and it’s the perfect dupe for the Fenty beauty diamond bomb highlighter ! It’s a translucent background with a ton of glitter and shimmer ! This is a great formula !!!"

- Timothy

"This highlighter has a subtle, shimmery glow that blends easily and lasts all day. I ordered the shade Backstage Pass, and it worked great for my pale skin. The powder applies easily, and has a slightly creamy texture that keeps application mess-free. The packaging is lovely and makes a great addition to any makeup collection. I would highly recommend this highlighter!"

- Maria

"I am in love with the PYT Upgrade Highlighter in Backstage Pass. The color is saturated and swatches nicely. It is a fine light champagne colored shimmer highlight that is buildable and not glittery at all. Finally clean beauty products without all the nasty ingredients."

- Alexis L.

"Pleasantly surprised by this product! The case is well made, and the pressed powder allows you to get the perfect amount on your brush. I chose Courtside which gives my skin a glowing healthy sheen on my light skin. I apply it on cheekbones, brow, and sometimes around the eyes. This highlighter is easy to apply, inexpensive but long-lasting, and very versatile!"

- MB Owings

"Loooove this highliter! Im working on switching all my makeup and skin care to cleaner products and just discovered P/Y/T. My only negative is for Amazon because the item arrived cracked. It was not secured probably in a larger box and definitely took hits during shipping."

- Isabel D. Almaraz

"Head rush is an awesome peach-like color with a bit of shimmer and has great color pay off. Also, the packaging is amazing and the mirror is giant, I always travel with this blush!"

- Lauren

"Beautiful color that didnt look heavy or caked on. I have a lot of skin allergies and this did not irritate my skin at all. Loved the packaging as well. Definitely going to get in other colors!"

- Helen

"I tend to use cream blushes because powders usually disappear from my face half way through the day. This surprised me, I still had blush on when I took my makeup off at the end of the day. The shade "head rush" is beautiful and I felt that the shimmer was understated but present. I didn't feel like a disco ball wearing this. Definitely adding this to my everyday face!"

- Liesl Kunz

"Loving the PYT products, for me AND my daughter, especially for the quality, healthy ingredients (and its affordable). The Exhale soft pink is my new favorite. It goes on smoothly, evenly and gives a nice glow to my face."

- MB Owings

"This is an awesome blush. It gives your cheeks just enough flush of color, and I love how light the powder is. Does not cake and sits lightly on top of your skin."

- Katherine

"I loved this blush shade, it is the perfect choice for either day or night time. I love how it looks on my fair complexion. It also doesn't break out my acne prone skin. If you're looking for a natural yet beautiful look, try this line."

- Rebecca A. Casas

"Lovely palette to travel with and have I. The top drawer of your collection. It has all the shades you need to create looks that are subtle or Smokey!"

- Dilara Atkins

"I love the simplicity of the eye shadow and I love that it is safe! Thank you for honoring my desire to be natural and Earth friendly but beautiful too!!"

- Mary Houtsma

"This eyeshadow palette is fantastic. The shadows go on silky smooth and last all day/all night. Th colors are perfect for every day or for a dramatic eye in the evening. I feel good about using the products as well since there is no bad stuff."

- Lewis

"Another great product from PYT - feeling especially good about how it's made and what it's made of. Aside from that, there's great variety in the colors for day to night wear. A great product at a very affordable price!"

- Robyn J. Wilkinson

"I adore this palette! It's versatile for day or night, the colors are very blendable and long-lasting too. I prefer to use makeup that is good for my skin and this one delivers on price as well. Highly recommended!"

- Anita Fedor

"What I love most about the eye shades, is how they suit all skin tones, so when I get sun during the Summer the colors still look great, and when I'm more pale in the winter months, the colors match well. They last all day without touch up, and stay true and bright, I love the lightness of how they feel, too."

- Melissa

"I've never been a fan of this shape of eyebrow pencils. That is, until I tried this one from PYT. I really like it! I'm able to add some hairline strokes by holding it at an angle and fill in my brow effortlessly. So much so that I've ordered several other PYT items and am so excited to see what else this brand comes out with! Love that it is clean and affordable!"

- Carrie H.

"Omg ! The taupe brow pencil is literally the perfect match for my brows! I typically only use a pencil product for my brows these days and this one is perfect for me because I can do a really precise brow if I want or I can really flick it out and create the more feathered fluffy brow effect ! It blends like a dream ! Definitely recommend"

- Timothy

"I love it; It turned outout to live up to its hype. I have little eyebrow hairs and this gave me the best results. I've tried at least 10 others and they didn't do anywhere near as well as this product. Within a few days I ordered 2 more."

- Susan Burd

"I got this eyebrow pencil in Warm Black and it looks very natural. It's not too dark and it's easy to remove at the end of the day. The other end has a brush so it shapes your brows and blends the color in for a more finished look. A bonus is that it is hypoallergenic and without parabens, formaldehyde, fragrances, phthalates, etc."

- M. Masterson

"This eyebrow pencil was wonderful! My brows looked full and manicured, but not over done. The warm brown worked well for my dark brown eyebrows. Would definitely recommend."

- Dana Stratz

"This comes closest to my brow color. It was super fast to put on. Other eyebrow pencils I've practically had to dig them into my skin and pull eyebrow hairs out to get it to leave a mark. This has a slant like a hair and my brows looked great in a couple of minutes!!!! Plus, it's a clean beauty product. I will buy again!"

- Amy Roberts-Ewald

"I love the simple colors that are included in the eyeshadow palette and I also love that there are options for both matte and shimmer included! They apply and blend beautifully!"

- Lyndsey

"Love these eyeshadow colors - so easy to make a natural look. The mascara is also good for days where you want a less dramatic eye look! Overall I can see myself wearing these a ton on an everyday basis, I'm so happy with this purchase."

- Anna

"The mascara is my favorite! I have never found one that I love as much as this one! It gives my lashes length & volume while also making them look natural. It is waterproof and easy to remove at the end of the day. GET THE MASCARA!"

- Lyndsey